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                 It is no surprise to know what an inspiring figure queen Victoria has been, a role model to many women worldwide, but essentially a great representative of an emotional, passionate human being who was not afraid of the challenge neither of her weaknesses, creating a new concept of ruling, one that combines strength and sensitivity, foremost a new style of power.


                  She has definitely inspired me! Victoria Station was my gateway, coming from Gatwick when I first arrived in London and it was not until there that I understood the full meaning of inspiration. I guess for the first time in my life I was living a dream, which would see me craving for the history of that place, unfolding queen Victoria’s history before me.

                 That little girl I was once, aspiring to be Edward Scissor Hands was now combined with a woman that was determined to follow Victoria’s concept, creating my own stamp, my own brand, my own style.


I am delighted to present you here Victoria  HAIR STUDIO, a continuation of this dream.



Alessandra Castelo Branco

 Founder  &  Managing Director


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