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Micro Ring Hair Extension in London

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

When it comes to hair extensions micro rings are so far one of the favourite techniques of many of clients. I absolutely love to see what we can achieve doing hair extensions.

I am a brazilian hairstylist / hair colourist / hair extensionist based in london with 15 years of experience I have done many clients and there nothing else that can make me exciting in this industry than change someone life doing hair extension.

I recommend a trial first of a few strands just for you to have a go and see what it's like to have them on. If you have a very weak hair and dream of have a balayage or be blonder this can be also another reason for you to try them on, as we can add any colour in your hair with hair extension without having to actually colour your own hair, this is amazing right?!

Like this client bellow on the pic I done a babylights/balayage on the top of her head and a amazing balayage hair extension adding volume length and colour.

Everyone has their own techniques applying micro rings, but I will try to explain what I’ve found to work the best for me and my clients on my video bellow.

This client I done a few strands on the side up to her ears to give her some volume and length At the back i done a few only for volume not length also some more blond highlights effects.

As you can see this technique is very versatile.

I Hope to have helped you to understand more about this technique works.

If you are in London I can help you more doing it for you!

Alessandra Castelo


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